Luxury Vinyl Tile Over the Top of Ceramic Tile

by | Mar 20, 2023 | Remodel Ideas

Ceramic tile is and has been a very popular choice in home flooring. And why not? It’s solid, has a high-end feel to it and can look amazing.

But what happens when design trends change? What happens when your gold colored ceramic tile starts to look “blah”? Times change. Tile that was in style when you home was built in 1980, 1990, 2000 eras may be way out of style. Or you may just want a change.

Plus, tired of looking at dirty cracked grout?

In our area, in areas like Granville, Stoneridge, Cliff Rose, and the rest we see a lot of homes built 20 years ago, in which builder-grade ceramic tile was installed. You know, that basic 12×12 tan tile. We regularly have customers ask about the best way to change this, and we have a solution (hint: fast forward to option 3 below).

3 Options to Deal with Old Unattractive Ceramic Tile

Option 1: Removing Ceramic Tile: I won’t get into detail here. But yuk. No way. That is a huge job. Dirty, laborious, and expensive to chip away all of that tile that has been affixed to your concrete foundation. Dust everywhere, and your home life will be upended to a certain extent.

Option 2: Live with It: That’s another option. Usually chosen because option one is unpleasant. But this isn’t acceptable either. If it was, you would not be reading.

Option 3: Lay Luxury Vinyl Tile Right Over the Top of Ceramic Tile: BOOM! Easy, affordable, durable, and you get your modern look that you wanted for the floor.

Lay Vinyl tile over old ceramic

Can you install vinyl flooring over tile?

YES.  In fact, we can off you a slew of style and color choices so that we can meet your specific needs.

About Our Luxury Vinyl Tile / Stone Composite Flooring

GemCore flooring

Our hybrid flooring solution with composite stone core can be installed right over the top of ceramic tile. In some cases, depending upon the type of tile texture and condition, we may incorporate a subfloor if required. Though, generally speaking, a sub floor is not required with our luxury vinyl tile product.

Our hybrid flooring with stone composite core technology allows for the beautiful appearance and feel of wide plank hardwood floors in environments where wood would traditionally not perform well.

The product we use, called GemCore, uses the essence of the beautiful look of wide plank hardwood floors in environments where wood is not typically utilized.

GemCore’s sturdy structure eliminates the need for subfloors and ensures a seamless floor surface like traditional vinyl flooring. Its tap-down installation is easy to install directly over existing flooring. In addition, there is very little need for transition strips (you know, those lips that collect dust and you try to step over).

Constructed from environment-friendly materials that are antimicrobial, the sheet material blocks out squeaks and resonances.

Despite the fact that germs, bacteria, and spills are common problems with other flooring types, Gemcore is perfectly suited to areas where moisture or water is a concern.  Bathroom floors. Kitchen floors. Laundry rooms. At or below grade.

Incredibly Durable LVT

  • Our luxury vinyl tile flooring is waterproof. Great for bathrooms and kitchens, floors at or below grade.
  • Our luxury vinyl tile flooring is kid proof and pet proof. Resists scratching, spills, urine (from pets OR kids).
  • The amazing looks with the rock-solid durability makes this a great floor for rental properties.
  • Great for renovation or flips too!
  • Our GemCore flooring is the practical way to elevate any space in your home or business where natural flooring would traditionally not perform well. And best of all, it’s all yours for an exceptional value. No matter the space or the environment, our LVT offers the right combination of beauty and durability to give you years of good memories.

How it Works

  1. Quartz Enhanced Acrylic Coating. Mineral-enhanced finish provides an extreme layer of durability proven to resist shoe scuffs, kids toys and even pet claw marks!
  2. Decorative Layer. Combines state-of-the-art print and emboss technology for the look and feel of natural wood. In selected collections, we offer *EIR “Embossed In Register” technology that aligns the texture and printing for a more realistic wood appearance.
  3. Substrate Made with over 70% stone. GemCore™ is more stable and more dent resistant than WPC, LVT and laminate!
  4. Anti-Microbial Pre-attached Backing. The pre-attached non-toxic underlayment pad makes installation fast and easy, with enhanced sound performance.

GemCore flooring

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